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OW: LiNa 1st Year by colon-empire OW: LiNa 1st Year by colon-empire

"Did you know I'm a janitor? I'm so good at sweeping!"

    Basic Information

Name: LiNa / Lithium Sodium
Age: 115 yrs. / looks 16
Height: 4'10" / 147cm
Species: Cerberus
Species Description: Three-headed hellhound


    -Acidic Saliva: When she gets mad her spit can slightly burn skin.
    -Canine Teeth: She has sharp teeth like a dog and she could bite if necessary.

    Academic Information

Level: Beginner
Courses: BST 103
Passed Courses: -
Experience: -

    Personal Information


    -Helping others
    -Cool knives and sharp things
    -Social Media
    -Going new places
    -Working & studying


    -Wearing shoes
    -Unkind people
    -Deep water
    -Being outcasted
    -Spending money


    -Nurturing; Loves to take care of people
    -Good at guilt-tripping
    -Carefree thought


    -Physically weak


    -Find real prosthetic hands
    -Learn to write better
    -Discover a talent


    -Losing her job
    -Deep Water


    +Sweet        -Crybaby
    +Childish    -Attention Seeker
    +Curious    -Dependent

    LiNa is a friend of everyone. She gives genuine attention to those that want it and also to those that didn't know they needed it. That might make her sound deep and endearing, but really she is just a kid! Or at least seems like one. She has this childlike aura to her, and is very curious about people and things. Often times she will press questions on strangers to learn more about them (which might drive them nuts). Give some patience please! She is generally a happy and kind girl that wants to make others feel good. LiNa will go out of her way to make sure someone is well taken care of, even if that means acting creepy sometimes.
    Although LiNa is good at keeping a content smile on her face, there are times where she gets fed up with everything. When this happens she tends to whine a lot. She especially tries to whine so people will come cater to her, to treat her like she would anyone else. You could say that makes her annoying (which is the truth lol) but if you can handle that then this girl will be a perfect companion.

History: (Note that this does NOT follow the original mythology for the Cerberus hellhound)

    Born in Hell and raised under the wing of Satan, LiNa came into this life as a pet. She originally had a mop of red and black hair, and two other dog-like heads connected from her arms. This is how she was born. It was normal for her and everyone else she was around to have three heads. Of course it was -- she is a Cerberus! She lived in Hell and was taken care of by her many cousins. LiNa liked to call Satan her "dad" but really he has no relation to her. She just really likes to look up to him. He was an inspiration: powerful and independent. Kinda like how someone would look up to a president or king.
    When she turned 100 years old, LiNa was dispensed into the real, physical world. This was as a test to see how she acted around civilization, and whether or not she would be a good member of Hell. A good member of Hell has one shared quality with everyone else: they must have evil in them. When this girl would try to talk to others however, she was hurt because they were scared. Now does that sound evil? Haha nah man! LiNa didn't have an ounce of wickedness in her soul. So that is when it was disputed that LiNa would stay out of Hell and not be a functioning member of it.
    As mentioned people were afraid of her appearence. This caused LiNa to have a strong dislike of her body for not having hands. She loved her two other heads but decided enough was enough. She chose to do something awful - cut them off and replace them with prosthetics. But after amputation, she stored them in a bag and carried them with her for a long time. It was like taking away a part of her soul.
    LiNa lived her first years on Earth as a vagabond. She did not understand the languages here, or how anything worked. It wasn't until one day a woman found her and took her in. The woman saw LiNa as an abused child and promptly went to care for her. She helped LiNa to clean the amputated areas on her arms. She also taught LiNa the basics of life: English, proper walking, proper manners etc. She also taught her how to do chores, which rubbed off on her as a fun activity.
    It took a couple of years to teach all of this to LiNa however. The woman started to notice that she hasn't changed appearance-wise... at all. In fact, she noticed that LiNa's appearance was different than most people anyways. The woman started to make connections in her head, and jumped to the conclusion that there was something wrong with her. LiNa was in fact alien. She blew things way out of proportions and decided to take her to a research lab. This did NOT fly with LiNa. She heard the woman wanted to take her away (over a phone call) and fled the scene. Now it was back to living on the streets and moving around for a place to stay. Once she started doing it again, she realized how much she appreciated traveling; it was fun.
    The cerberus girl had traveled far enough to find PandoraAcademy, an academy for magical beings. She attended as a student, and this was her first education. Eventually the academy had closed, so she was stuck yet AGAIN to find another place to stay. She quickly found Matts-MagicalAcademy and decided she was gonna... mix things up. Instead of applying as a student, she wanted to make money. So LiNa is currently a janitor at the academy. LiNa heard the news about OtherWorlde and how their education was to-quality (for ANY kind of being). Why not get a degree in something nice, she asked herself. Now here LiNa is, a hard worker at one academy and a student at another! Hopefully both will work out without working LiNa out, haha.

Misc. Information:

    -She is biromantic asexual.
    -You almost never see her eyes
    -She isn't a "pale caucasian" she is straight up WHITE
    -80's music is her jam
    -I'm so sorry she is a Mary Sue
    -Please forgive me
    -She only curses when she is angry

    Character Relationships

| :bulletgreen: - Likes | :bulletblack: - Dislikes | :bulletblue: - Unsure | :bulletyellow: - Curious Of | :bulletpurple: - Scared Of | :bulletwhite: - Filler | :bulletpink: - Crushing On | :bulletred: - Love |

xxx - :bulletgreen: - xxx

    Roleplaying Preferences

    LOVE comments! Notes are cool too. I don't use Skype for RP's. Ask about other ways to RP (:
    Likes paragraph over script but both are fine!


    Script Sample:
    LiNa: Do you like my dress? *she smooths it out to show off* I got it from the thrift store. It shocked me when I saw it! I thought, who would wanna give this away??

    Lit Sample
       "Do you like my dress?" LiNa asked, smoothing it out to show off. It was a summer dress patterned with lemons. "I got it from the thrift store. It shocked me when I saw it! I thought, who would wanna give this away??" she giggled. LiNa thought the dress was a steal.
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